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            日期:2024-02-13   來源:http://www.facepayx.com/


            Do you know the reason why excavators are off chain? The following excavator rental editor will explain to you the reasons for excavator disconnection, hoping to be helpful to you.


            If we use it for a long time, there will definitely be wear and tear on the track, and components such as chain barrels and chain ribs on the track will wear and tear, causing the track to detach.



            If there is a malfunction in the fastening oil cylinder, it may also detach. You can first check whether the fastening oil cylinder is coated with grease and whether there is oil leakage.


            3. Nowadays, almost all excavators have chain protectors on their tracks, which play a very important role in derailment, so it is also important to check whether the chain protectors are worn.


            If the gear ring of the driving motor is severely worn, it must be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise the excavator will be out of chain.


            Usually, if the oil seal of the carrier sprocket leaks oil, it will cause severe wear on the carrier sprocket, leading to our track being derailed. As the current temperature rises, the failure rate of excavators will also increase. Therefore, in order to avoid and reduce malfunctions, we must do a good job in daily maintenance.

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