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            日期:2024-02-13   來源:http://www.facepayx.com/


            With the development of rural and urban construction in our country, engineering construction is constantly increasing, and old buildings in daily life are constantly being demolished and rebuilt. We are not surprised by these phenomena. At the construction site, we see more engineering equipment as excavators. In many cases, the demolition of old buildings is solved by using excavators with extended arms and crushers. So how to use this excavator to extend the arm correctly? Let's take a look right away.


            (1) Before each use, first check if the high-pressure or low-pressure oil pipes of the excavator's extended arm are loose; At the same time, to be careful, always check for oil leaks in other areas to avoid vibration causing oil pipes to fall off and cause malfunctions.



            (2) When crushing particularly hard objects, start from the edge and do not continuously strike at the same point for more than 1 minute to prevent the brazing rod from burning out or the hydraulic oil from overheating.


            (3) Do not use the excavator with extended arm guards as a tool to push heavy objects. Because excavators and loaders are mainly small machines, they are lightweight. If a heavy object is pushed, it will damage the crushing hammer, causing the crane arm of the main engine to break, and even the main engine to overturn.


            (4) When using an excavator with an extended arm for crushing operations, the drill pipe should always be perpendicular to the surface of the crushed object. And crush the object with the drill pipe, and immediately stop the hammer from working after crushing to prevent empty hitting. Continuous aimless impact can damage the front body and loose main bolts of the crushing hammer, and in severe cases, it can damage the host itself.


            (5) When breaking, do not use shaking the drill pipe, otherwise the main bolt and drill pipe may break; Do not let the hammer fall quickly or hit hard rocks as excessive impact can damage the excavator's extended arm.


            (6) Do not break in water or muddy ground. Except for the drill pipe, the other parts of the excavator's extended arm must not be immersed in water or mud, otherwise similar components such as the piston may lose the hammer prematurely due to mud accumulation.

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